Apr. 23rd, 2017


Apr. 23rd, 2017 08:08 am
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1. Sobriety and another chance at abstinence (picked away at cold cereal last night 😕 Didn't even realize I was doing it until far too late! Re-drawing my Red Lines/food boundaries to strengthen my program and doing more prayer today.)
2. It's a gorgeous day out. I'm going to the National Zoo to do some photography. Waiting to see if my son or a friend can go with me. If not I'll go with G-d. 🙏
3. My G-d letter and His response were reassuring.
4. I have an idea for making something that will assist my students in their writing. It's definitely a G-d inspired idea.
5. G-d may be arranging for us to foster a student from my class for awhile. Her parents are involved in as viscous a custody battle as there can be. False accusations and restraining orders abound. She may end up in the foster-care system. This would be horrible for her. However my hubby and I have fostered girls before and G-d may be arranging life again to give us another opportunity to be of service.
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Heard in a YouTube audio, "I am a prisoner of my mind". To me, I am a PUPPET of my mind because addiction has turned it into a monster. When I reduce my Ego (which is my mind) through step-work, G-d can fill that hole. G-d is all around us pressing in but we have walls up pushing back. It seems G-d respects those boundaries which WE OURSELVES have built. When I take a risk and pull down a part of a wall, it allows G-d to flow in.

Anything good I do is because I have let G-d take over that situation. Fear builds walls. Resentment, self-absorption, and dishonesty cover the walls. When I surrendder the fears, the walls evaporate and those defects of character melt away, too.


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