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I am part of a 10 person texting group with fellow OAers from the A Vision for You phone meeting. Among other things, we share five daily gratitudes. I think I'll start copying them to here. I'd love to hear all of yours, too!

1. Sobriety and abstinence in partnership with G-d. (I've learned that if I say abstinence is entirely a gift, then l have an excuse to not put the footwork in and can abdicate responsibility.)
2. Discovering abstinent foods, combinations, and preparation methods that are both abstinent and compliant with Passover.
3. My sponsee calls got me into program/recovery thinking right away today and I needed it.
4. Learning that the root of my physical pains is probably inflammation which may be controllable via proper diet.
5. A gorgeous day - I have no excuse to not go run/walk around the neighborhood. This is my first attempt at running at all for many years. I'm hoping the 55 lbs. I have off are enough to run safely. I'll be watching my knees.


Apr. 13th, 2017 07:32 pm
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Ok, I WILL go running tomorrow.. Scheduling it now for 7:30 am.

Listening to a lecture on proper nutrition. The speaker suggests an 80-10-10 macronutrient ratio. 80% is the carbohydrates. Yet she also recommends setting your meal as a bowl of salad, half a plate whole grains/potatoes, and half a plate of cooked veggies. There's a lot of protein in veggies, so 10% in protein sounds low.

I did cheat today. I had some very salty BBQ potato chips. I was craving salt. Perhaps legitimately as I've been getting dizzy.


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