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I stuffed myself with veggies today: three pounds. Also: two pounds starch (potatoes), one pound fruit.

All of that food was only 1600 cal. I'll eat less tomorrow.
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So I'm a big fan of Chef AJ, the vegan chef, author, and media personality.  She regularly does interviews regarding whole-food, plant-based diets or food addiction.  This video was recorded a few weeks ago.  The man she interviews, LAnce Dodes, is very anti-12 step.  His comments reveal very little understanding of how the programs work, however.

Here's Chef AJ's interview of Dr. Dodes:

Here is an article commenting on him and his book on addiction. I like its point.
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Passover begins tomorrow night.  We do both seders and will have the same guest both nights.  She is a good friend from our last military assignment a few states away.  We'll be headed back there in July.

this is the first Passover I am going to attempt to do whole-food, plant-based (WFPB)  food only, for myself.  I am doing the Ultimate Weight Loss (UWL) program that Chef AJ runs on a private Facebook group. For more info on Chef AJ, see all her videos on YouTube with recipes and how-to's on how to eat a healthy WFPB food plan. 

I also work a Big Book-Based OA 12-step program.  The alcoholic foods that make up my abstinence are flour and sugar.  The WFPB food program I follow helps me keep that abstinence.  i suffer from lower back and leg pain due to inflammation, as well as stiffness and fatigue, when I eat processed or animal foods.  This week I have eaten some processed foods and used the impending holiday as an excuse.  


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