May. 7th, 2017 07:48 am
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1. Abstinence and sobriety
2. Another day of planned active rest. I'm doing the Shortcut to Size routine on It's keeping me from overdoing it because it has four lifting days, once body part each day, as well as three planned active rest days. Seems like regular exercise is taking the edge off of life like prayer and meditation does.
Family portraits today, then a few hours in Baltimore Harbor, then indoor skydiving with the fam.
4. Just the right amount of soreness - enough to feel my last workout when I move, but not so much that I am in agony or simply can't move at all. I've been there many times.
5. I'm not taking it personally that one of my sponsees has dropped off the radar.
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1. Sobriety and abstinence
2. Didn't eat last night after the family get-together or in the middle of the night when I got up.
3. It was a beautiful night last night.
4. I found a neat podcast on evolutionary psychology.
5. My hubby's support at my family's get-together.


Apr. 25th, 2017 11:33 am
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1. Sober and ABSTINENT! Day Three.
2. Was able to call off work this AM for this morning's GI issues.
3. My doggies' love.
4. Hubby will be back tonight! He's been gone a week.
5. Got about half of my stack of essays graded. That took two hours! And I'll have more to assess tonight. Whew. I'm behind the 8-Ball, that's for sure.


Apr. 24th, 2017 07:59 pm
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1. Sobriety and abstinence (yay 🎉)
2.There are some serious financial kinks in both the house closure and paying for the kids' college. And I'm not freaking out. G-d has given me peace and acceptance, for today.
3. Grateful for renting this house.
4. Grateful for my dogs.
5. Grateful for my new online journal.


Apr. 22nd, 2017 11:38 am
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I feel connected to HP this morning just enough to know I really need to live in the program today. I need to do a lot of food prep for the week so that abstinent eating is the easier choice. I was going to go do some photography in downtown D.C. but it's supposed to rain all day. So my day is open for "extra" program work. (G-d knows I need this additional jolt of program.)

1. Sobriety and abstinence (still tightening up).
2. Great AA talk by Tattoo Steven on a podcast.
3. I learned that 12 steppers, who are in public and want to use, sometimes ask the for the public address system to page, "A friend of Bill and Bob."
4. That even though hubby is gone and I don't have any witnesses, I still don't feel like I want to pick up. I could "get away with it" (because there are no witnesses), but G-d is keeping the disease away.
5. That you all are here.
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1. Sobriety and abstinence (so far today, not getting cocky here!)
2. Passover is over and I don't have work until tomorrow. 
3. Listened to most of the three hours of Vision today while resetting my kitchen. 
4. Nice nap today. 
5. Blew a fuse in the kitchen with a new electronic gadget and figured out the fix all by myself. Took about a half hour or so.  Usually hubby handles it, but he's out-of-town for a week starting this morning. 

Breakfast: large plate of roasted veggies (no-oil), bowl of brown rice with Mrs. Dash, coffee with 1/4 c coffee.
Lunch: two red potatoes, an apple, a banana, strawberries, coffeee - black. 

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1. Sobriety and no binging, although I did eat matzah.  Back to normal eating tomorrow as Passover ends tonight. 
2. My hubby loves me and packed up all the Passover dishes for me. I'll finish flipping the kitchen back tonight or tomorrow. 
3. Decided that I can't take Percocet any more.  It's started to mess up my sleep, not help with pain, and triggered last night's mood swing.  Grateful for clarity. 
4. My dogs cuddling with me. 
5. Getting back to a normal schedule. 
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1. Another chance at sobriety and abstinence. (Yes, both - Today is Day One in each Fellowship.)
2. That fellows from this group reached out over text and phone. 
3. That there are so many recovery talks online so that I could soak myself in the message carried by people with strong recovery. 
4. That when an old friend had a mental health crises in California, G-d allowed me to be of service to her for several hours on the phone. I desperately needed to be useful today. (And everyday)
5. That G-d gave me the gift of a moment of clear thought and I was honest with my sponsor, which led me to be honest with others.
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I am part of a 10 person texting group with fellow OAers from the A Vision for You phone meeting. Among other things, we share five daily gratitudes. I think I'll start copying them to here. I'd love to hear all of yours, too!

1. Sobriety and abstinence in partnership with G-d. (I've learned that if I say abstinence is entirely a gift, then l have an excuse to not put the footwork in and can abdicate responsibility.)
2. Discovering abstinent foods, combinations, and preparation methods that are both abstinent and compliant with Passover.
3. My sponsee calls got me into program/recovery thinking right away today and I needed it.
4. Learning that the root of my physical pains is probably inflammation which may be controllable via proper diet.
5. A gorgeous day - I have no excuse to not go run/walk around the neighborhood. This is my first attempt at running at all for many years. I'm hoping the 55 lbs. I have off are enough to run safely. I'll be watching my knees.


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