Apr. 22nd, 2017


Apr. 22nd, 2017 11:38 am
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I feel connected to HP this morning just enough to know I really need to live in the program today. I need to do a lot of food prep for the week so that abstinent eating is the easier choice. I was going to go do some photography in downtown D.C. but it's supposed to rain all day. So my day is open for "extra" program work. (G-d knows I need this additional jolt of program.)

1. Sobriety and abstinence (still tightening up).
2. Great AA talk by Tattoo Steven on a podcast.
3. I learned that 12 steppers, who are in public and want to use, sometimes ask the for the public address system to page, "A friend of Bill and Bob."
4. That even though hubby is gone and I don't have any witnesses, I still don't feel like I want to pick up. I could "get away with it" (because there are no witnesses), but G-d is keeping the disease away.
5. That you all are here.
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I suggested a writing exercise to sponsees a couple times today. Writing solid gratitude lists are a way to shift perspective about a person we resent in order to make prayer about them easier.

So I managed one for my dad and step-mom. When I started one on my twin brother, I could only find one thing to write and after felt tremendous, indescribable, negative energy towards him. I knew I resented my step-siblings but sheesh. This was bad. So I have even more spiritual work to do before next weekend's wedding. I think the trick is to WANT to give up the resentments.

Felt nagging hunger for awhile tonight after dinner. Like I just needed a little something something, an unknown food. Found myself looking through cabinets and the fridge waiting for something to grab me.

Fortunately G-d led me to try listening to a YouTube guided meditation to see if that's was what was really needed. It was. Amazing how I was trying to use food to comfort myself.


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