Apr. 20th, 2017

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It's been a while since I did my morning (AA) prayers, G-d writing, and daily Tarot.

Today's messages in the G-d writing was to pray more and to talk to G-d more. Dialogue with G-d!

A word about my Tarot: I only read for myself, I clear the cards with white light between readings, and I ask on G-d to come through. Periodically, like today, I burn some sage to clear the cards, my crystals, my room, and myself.

The spread I created for my Tarot is the three card spread below. I'm the first card on the Left is what G-d wants to tell me today regarding my physical health. The middle, my mental/emotional health, and the one on the right is about spiritual health. With that in mind, I read the cards as saying I have a new opportunity to start anew with my physical health (abstinence), mentally I am still running away from something I must address or I will eat again. Lastly, spiritually I am beginning to break the bonds of addiction should I keep in close contact with G-d today.

I prayed for the health and happiness of my family-of-origin. Then I opened my Tehillim (Book of Psalms) and it opened to number 30 - which talks about G-d protecting the speaker from slander and ill-will of groups of people. Sounds perfect regarding my family-of-origin!


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