Apr. 13th, 2017

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Step 11 suggests we ask our Higher Powers (HP) for guidance throughout the day and to show us how we can be useful to others. I read that as, "How can I be perfect?" This is NOT a recovery thought, it is an addictive thought.

Step 11 suggests that in the evening, we do a daily review to identify how our character defects have interfeared with our being useful to G-d and our fellows. I was reading this as, "How much did I screw up today?" This is also a disease/addiction thought. I've really used the 4th and 10th steps as ways to kick myself.

When I think about being "useful", I see that doing HP's will really is possible. I feel so light and loved now that I am seeing the Big Book's real words.
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When I eat clean enough (whole-food, plant-based with no sugar, oil, or salt) I have less inflammation in my body and less pain. However, I am a compulsive eater/food addict and the bad foods call me. So staying clean enough is a real challenge.

I guess I need to start tracking what I eat, (no matter how small the bite), so I can tease out what PRECISELY causes the reactions. I do have cravings for salt as well as have low enough blood pressure that I get dizzy easily. So I'd like to know if I really need to be cutting salt.


Apr. 13th, 2017 07:32 pm
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Ok, I WILL go running tomorrow.. Scheduling it now for 7:30 am.

Listening to a lecture on proper nutrition. The speaker suggests an 80-10-10 macronutrient ratio. 80% is the carbohydrates. Yet she also recommends setting your meal as a bowl of salad, half a plate whole grains/potatoes, and half a plate of cooked veggies. There's a lot of protein in veggies, so 10% in protein sounds low.

I did cheat today. I had some very salty BBQ potato chips. I was craving salt. Perhaps legitimately as I've been getting dizzy.


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